Saturday, November 25, 2006

Give Me Your Feedback

The time left in this contest is running out, so now would be a good time to bring out the content that readers would like to see. Are there any ideas or concepts that you'd like me to write about, or at least look up and consider? You can let me know by leaving a comment (there is a link for comments at the end of this post). Or, if you'd just like to say that I'm doing a good/bad job, you can do that too.

One of the main concepts that provided the inspiration for this contest is the website In my first post, reader PJ asked why I labeled Digg as "brilliant." I think Digg is brilliant because, for its target audience, it's the most up-to-date source of the most important news. Of course, its target audience is tech-oriented and web-savvy. If there were Diggs for movie-watchers, gardeners, or sports fanatics, they would each become the most popular source for information. Digg lets users submit news as it happens, and if their peers deem it important, they can vote it up to share it with everybody.

This blog contest is for the opportunity to peek into Digg's headquarters for a day. I'd love to eventually get a job at a place like Digg, a place where the product or service offered is based around a core idea (like reader-edited news content). That's why I've focused each blog post around a different idea, and often a company who bases their products around it. So, let me know if there are any other topics you'd like to see featured here and I'd be happy to oblige.

I apologize if some of the posts show up late or with weird time stamps - the blog is powered by Blogger and sometimes their system is a little funky. Also, all of the images I use are gathered from Google's image search and are the property of their respective owners.


At 9:22 AM, Blogger C-Town Kid said...

Great job Brian! One topic I would like to see covered is the iTunes store and the prices of music. I know that Apple wishes to protect the integrity of the music and the artists by requiring people to pay $0.99 per song in their store, but isn't this pretty high considering the amount of songs people have on their ipods? I don't know anyone who actually pays for their music; Limewire, Kazaa, etc. serve as a much more effective and inexpensive means. Why doesn't Apple lower the price of each song in an attempt to cause more people to buy their music legally? I mean, if everyone legally paid for all music, people would be spending hundreds of dollars on their iPods for music alone. This cost is only slightly defrayed by those dinky little $25 gift cards. What's the deal?

At 10:12 AM, Anonymous ProcrasTINA said...

feedback? sure I can do that. heck, I made your blog my homepage because I like reading your updates so much I don't ever wanna miss one! good luck with the contest!

At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And another reason for being hired at Digg. com. You have the patience to find the positive in blog challenged souls such as I who respond to the wrong blog. Yes, I gave you feedback (w/ misspellings and all), but blogged it after the Al Gore post. Maybe you have the cure for the technology challenged.

At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, I love your blog. I don't really have an extensive knowledge of technology, so I can't ask a very relevant question, but I would like some feedback on web-comics: your favorites, whether or not they're worthwhile (since anyone could post one), etc.

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Jamie said...

I am pulling for you to win Brian.

At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell us a bit about how technology advances have changed the ways students apply to graduate programs and/or jobs. And, what types of things are employers using or accessing to find data on students? What about social networking sites? Some employers use this to research students. And how do Google searches play into all of this?

What might be next?


P.S. how are you doing with this contest? Do you know where you stand at this point? We are all pulling for you in the CDO!

At 11:31 PM, Anonymous PJ said...

Thanks for responding to my inquiry, Brian. Good explanation on what makes Digg brilliant.

Your comments re: Ask v. Google have got me thinking about web sites and how/why people use them. Years ago, before Google existed, I used to teach students how to search for information on the Internet. Back then, people primarily used Yahoo. I liked to expand their horizons, e.g., show them how to use Yahoo more effectively, demonstrate how to use Alta Vista (my preferred search engine at the time), show them some really good subject directories. Then Google came along. It made my job easier, i.e., it compensated for "sloppy searching." It took a while for word to spread, but soon it surpssed Yahoo's popularity. What both Yahoo and Google had in common were: relative simplicity, ease, and a catchy name. The last may be the clincher. A good brand name can catapult a web site, a game, almost anything into mainstream. (A quality product will keep it in the mainstream.) That's my opinion anyway.

What's your take on branding and techonology? Crucial? Helpful? Insignificant? (Can a game with a not-so-good name, e.g. Wii, have staying power? Or do people actually like that name?)

I've enjoyed reading your blog. I think it would be great if you keep it up after you win. (I'm voting for you.) I'd love to read about your experience at Digg.

At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would be curious to hear your comments in regards to the economic implications of internet pornography...

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't see why you wouldn't win good sir. your articles are funny, full of facts and have interesting views on your topics. if you don't win, i'll call digg headquarters myself and have them change their minds.

At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Will said...

How about writing something on Mechanical Turk, Amazon's new on-line labor outsourcing program?

At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Kevin Hainline said...

Hey, write about your experiences with the wii! I know you have one, and it's technology.

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